• Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.
  • Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.
  • Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.
  • Our city. Our legacy. Our forest park.
    Te takiwā, kā hua a Tāne, he taoka tuku iho.

Avon River Red Zone ideas we like

Art trails, a dark sky park, an ecosanctuary, BMX courses, whitewater rafting – just how many cool things can fit inside (or just outside) Avon-Otakaro Forest Park? A lot, that's how many!

Our research shows how much habitat we need to restore if we really want our birds back. But the birds aren't going to have this place all to themselves! There are all sorts of things that can happen in that forest and wetland, with the birds. We welcome them. 

There are also quite a few ideas that, while not quite fitting our philosophy of restoring and working with nature, are pretty cool. We'd be keen to see them around the edges of Avon-Otakaro Forest Park. 

Waitakiri Ecosanctuary

A predator-proof-fenced ecologically restored area of native bush will provide the perfect home for reintroduced native species that have been lost from Christchurch. And then, thanks to the halo effect, some may spread throughout the city. Find out more...

Waitakiri Ecosanctuary: a core complementary proposal for Greening the Red Zone.

Riverside Heritage Garden Park

This garden aims to preserve and highlight the cultural and historic heritage of one riverside block. It tells a story of the residents who used to live in the Avon River Red Zone. Find out more...

Eastern Cycle and Walkway Network

A network of cycle and walkways will make it incredibly easy for people to access Avon-Otakaro Forest Park  and engage in sensitive recreation while enjoying the natural environment. Find out more...

Lower Avon Heritage Trail

There are many sites throughout the Avon River Red Zone that say a lot about Christchurch's cultural and social history. Most of the houses have gone, but information can mark the sites of importance, to keep us connected with our past. Find out more...

Mahinga Kai

Mahinga kai is all about food for the body, mind, and spirit – caring for the land, water, and air so they care for us. The concept is fabulous, but we'd like to see more emphasis on native species. They need us to protect them the most, and they are what we are most lacking. Find out more...

Natural Playground Network for Children

A network of natural playgrounds will connect children with the environment and encourage sensitive recreation in the park. Find out more...

Nature play in a green red zone - kids and nature go together!

New Wetlands for Water Management

Wetlands for stormwater management will treat and cleanse stormwater before it enters the Avon River. They will also detain and divert flood waters, and add natural character to the riverbank. Find out more...

Dallington Recreation Camp

An eco campsite, set in a regenerating forest, within easy reach of the city, the beach, and many other attractions would be a winner. Find out more...

Other compatible red zone ideas

Christchurch is a creative place, and there are many other ideas, some not formalised yet. But if an idea works with nature, and fits unobtrusively into a regnerating forest and wetland park, we're all for it! These are some of the things that could happen:

  • Art trails 
  • BMX course (set in a forest, of course) 
  • City-to-sea horse trekking trail 
  • Eco adventure courses
  • Education/science centre 
  • Eco tour businesses (by boat, bike, land-train, horse, foot)
  • Fitness circuits (work out with the birds!)
Sustainable eco businesses, such as a native plant nursery

Complementary ideas on the edge

There are also some ideas that don't quite fit our guiding principle of returning to and working with nature, but which are pretty cool. We'd like to see them located around the edge, in the areas not devoted to restoring natural ecosystems. They include: